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Singing and Somatic Education Lessons


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I guide you on your quest to move

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Individual lessons

Individual singing/voice and Feldenkrais sessions; face-to-face and virtual

"To Each Their Own Color" January 2023

Virtual group workshops with the objective of taming your voice


Life in slow motion

"Life in Slow Motion" Winter 2023

Virtual group sessions aimed at developing body awareness and honoring the benefits of going slowly

A vocal coach like no other

I combine somatics with singing and speaking voice so that it is playful. My listening skills allow me to pinpoint your potentially harmful habits, and I help you discover new ways to optimize the use of your voice and your movements. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, fun is the only prerequisite for our meetings!

Have you always wanted to sing?

You are not alone, and I can help you!

90% of the people who come to me have been told at some point that they can’t sing and even that they should keep quiet when they sing. On the contrary, I believe that everyone can sing and that it is an enriching and creative way to develop as a human being. Training your voice is a great way to work on your self-esteem and confidence, whether you are a mechanic, a nurse, a lawyer, a speaker, an amateur or a professional.


“A very big thank you to you Robert – you finally got me to sing, quite simply, a dream I’ve always had! I don’t want to become a great singer, but I do hope to be able to sing lullabies to my eventual grandchildren! You have given me confidence and some tools to move forward independently!

What a joy, and a pleasure!

Louise St-Pierre

“I used Robert’s expertise to work on parts for an voice audition. He quickly grasped the essential elements to be worked on; he adequately personalized the lessons and exercises to be done. I went to the audition with confidence and came out satisfied.

Thanks for your help, Robert.”

Edmond Maltais

Do you want to take care of your well-being?

I can help you with that too!

I have been practicing the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education for myself for about 30 years and have been teaching it since 1996. I use it to develop body awareness, to sing and move better. This method can promote wellness, give you better coordination and anchoring. It allows you to move with less effort and more efficiency.

“I have been reflecting on what the lessons bring to my daily life. I have regained a vitality that I thought I had lost. Much less diffuse and chronic pain, a drive to accomplish certain tasks that were always postponed, well I could summarize it by the disappearance of physical and mental fatigue. As one gets used to everything, this newfound vitality is now part of my daily life. I think it is fantastic!”

Sylvie Vézina

“I want to say a huge thank you, it was absolutely amazing how I felt when I got up after the lesson. I didn’t expect that at all, the relaxation of my whole body. It gave me a great sense of well-being. It’s a real gift and helps me get through the difficult things. Again, a very BIG THANK YOU”.

Francine Grégoire

“I really enjoyed my sessions, it allowed me to be better grounded, to feel better embodied. Your way of telling us that we need to be kind to ourselves, refocuses us because life today advocates the opposite.”

Marie-France Hétu

Why come to me?

Voice component :  You don’t know anything about singing and you want to learn to sing, you are already a singer but you want to improve your technique or prepare for an audition, you speak in public and you have difficulty managing your voice, you simply want to know yourself better through your voice.

Somatic component : You are interested in the science of movement and you want to learn about the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, you want to feel better about yourself, move better, recover lost movement or simply maintain your health through movement, you have been moving less lately and in order to get back in shape you would like to start slowly.


Singing lessons – individual coaching in person or by video conference

To better :

  • Knowing and get the better of your voice
  • Preparing for an audition
  • Prepare your voice and mindset before a show or recording an album
  • Read the music
  • Working on interpretation

“To Each His Own Color” group lessons by videoconference

To better :

  • Tame your voice on a technical and sensory level
  • Understanding the voice
  • Sharing the experience of one’s uniqueness with others
  • Optimize the use of your singing and speaking voice

The Feldenkrais Method® individual face-to-face lessons

These personalized lessons allow you to become aware of your being in motion and to correct certain sometimes harmful habits. You will discover other more optimal movement options.


“Life in Slow Motion” – group video conference lessons

These lessons encourage you to live in slow motion. Among other things, you will learn how to:

  • Integrating mindfulness
  • Move with less effort and more efficiency
  • Regain fluidity
  • Breathe better
  • Regain your well-being

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Who is Robert Poliquin?

Singing and Feldenkrais™ teacher

Over the past 30 years, I have developed a unique approach to identifying the intimate links between body, mind and voice. My approach is based on strategies borrowed from the Feldenkrais™ Method and ancient and modern techniques of teaching singing inspired by the Estill voice model and voice work.

“Singing two shows a day, five times a week, scared me. I was afraid my voice would break. Robert Poliquin took away my fears by combining vocal technique and mental strengthening in a personalized program. To this day, I benefit from his valuable advice.


“I met Robert through a musician friend, who I had asked for a recommendation for a good vocal teacher. In addition to improving as a singer, Robert introduced me to the Feldenkrais™ Method and that has helped me improve tremendously as a musician and drum teacher.


“I had been looking for a good voice teacher for several years to guide me on my journey. For several months, my voice had been very fragile. Robert is a specialist in vocal health. I appreciate his global approach to singing; that is, a voice in a body that breathes and experiences emotions. He is a good motivator and looks for technical exercises that best fit my personal difficulties (satisfied student!).”


“Robert Poliquin is a great sage. I know this because we share the same passion and because Robert constantly feeds my quest to understand and come closer to myself through the voice. I am always fascinated by the effectiveness and virtues of his teaching methods (of Feldenkrais™, among others). Robert sees everything and hears everything! It is impossible to hide anything from him! It is a rare privilege to be seen and heard with such accuracy. For the seasoned souls and the budding explorers, Robert is a sensitive and rigorous guide. A gem, I tell you!


“After taking a few classes with Robert Poliquin, I was quickly able to become more autonomous in my personal practice and to obtain a better body awareness. The approach used by Robert Poliquin is very complete; in addition to providing relevant information and exercises on vocal technique, he is interested in postural analysis (based on the Feldenkrais method) in order to eliminate the maximum amount of tension or misalignment that could hinder the voice and thus allow the student to sing more naturally and in a more relaxed manner by making him aware of his own physical mechanisms in the use of the voice. Dynamic, very personalized and rigorous teaching.


Let’s work together!

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